Arrange for the Perfect Bachelors party

Arrange for the Perfect Bachelors party

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You have been asked to organize a bachelor party for an expectant bride. It is very nice, but also a bit exciting especially if you have had several stag and hen parties in your area.Then you do not want to arrive with the umpteenth high tea or make a cupcakes workshop.However nice these activities are, they are not original.Think out of the box with these bachelor activities.Of course, many of these ideas can also serve as inspiration for a bachelor party for men.

Organizing the Party

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Whether you organize for a day for a tough, classy or artistic bride (or groom), there are plenty of opportunities. Think of a roller disco, a scooter race or fire spitting.

Bring the child up in you with a hula hoop workshop. Swing with your hips and hold the hoop up. In this workshop you will learn all sorts of tricks on cool music. Maybe you can turn a hoop with one leg at the end! The workshop usually takes 1.5 hours with a short break. You can combine the workshop with rock & roll outfits or with a connecting picnic in the park. If you hire the Palm Springs strippers by Skin City Entertainment  then the guests will also have a naughty and fun evening.

Is the bride a real (ice) princess?                                                                  

Does she love dancing? With a figure skating workshop you then have an original interpretation for a bachelor party. The workshop usually lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours and you often get hot chocolate milk. You can make the activity even more personal by taking along special music or dressing up the bride in a beautiful dress with a tiara.

Does the bride like to shake her hips while going out?

Then go for a two-workshop, or a Workshop. Learn to shake your buttocks like Miley Cyrus on dancehall music. Laughter guaranteed, but makes no mistake; tweaking is heavy for your thigh muscles. In an hour or an hour and a half you learn choreography on a song. You can ask if this can be a number that is important for the bride to give it an extra personal touch. If you still have puff, you can then show off your new dance moves in the pub.

Wide trousers, large hairstyles and disco roller skates

The 70s in two hours. Help yourself in brightly colored spandex and boogie on the disco beats. First you get a safety instruction and protective materials that is safe. Then the fun can begin. Who knows, maybe you’ll jump over the highest ramp in the end!

Is the bride afraid to grow old?

Show that this is not the end of the world at all. Old people can have a lot of fun and especially with their mobility scooter. For example, keep a scooter race on an agility course. This hilarious activity makes you feel like a real race driver. Add some gray wigs and your afternoon is filled.

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